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Some Gallery prints are limited editions, and are signed and numbered. When they're sold out, the option to purchase is removed.

All images are available as prints only, mounted and framed in classic gallery frames (choice of colours and finishes), acrylic, canvas or on dibond,

You can see which sizes and mounts are available using the dropdown menu beside each picture.

If the size, frame or mount you require is not available as standard please contact me and I will arrange a custom offering.


Please contact me if you want photographs specially commissioned. This includes portraits, either individual or groups, family occasions, weddings or other events.


Each print on this site has a payment link beside it for easy purchasing. Just select which size and mount you want, add it to your basket and pay by PayPal, credit card or cheque.


Prices quoted include postage and packaging within Ireland, and I aim to complete orders within 21 days. Please inquire if you are ordering from further afield.


It’s important to understand the usage rights you have to any photograph you purchase or commission from me. Without exception I retain the ownership and copyright of all photographs I take. If you ‘buy’ an existing image, or specially commission an image from me, whether it is a printed or an electronic copy, you may only use it as agreed between us. Even though you may have commissioned photographs to be taken, and paid the fee for the photo session, you do not have any automatic rights to the photographs themselves. Your rights will be on the basis of a licence-to-use, which will be agreed between us. If an image is licenced for personal use, it means exactly that - it means that you may not copy or reproduce it physically or electronically, sell it, re-licence it, or use it or allow it to be used for any commercial purpose whatsoever, including uploading to the web, without my express permission. Any additional use over and above the use originally agreed and paid for, will usually be subject to additional charges. If in doubt, check with me!

For copyright protection purposes, any image I licence to be uploaded to the web will have a copyright watermark integrated with the image.

Most of my images are licenced for personal use, and the terms above are the default terms for personal use licencing. If you wish to licence for commercial use, contact me directly for specific commercial licencing terms.

All photographs on this website are copyright protected and may not be downloaded or copied without my permission.