February 22, 2014 - Emer Toale Portfolio Photoshoot
I spent a fun afternoon recently shooting some new images for the portfolio of lovely Assets model Emer Toale, with the able assistance of her stylist Muiris. We chose a number of locations along Dun Laoghaire seafront, following an urban theme which worked quite well. Overcast sky gave a beautiful even light, sometimes augmented by off-camera speedlights. Got some great shots before Emer finally had to call it a day due to hypothermia - it was February after all!

Emer Toale of Assets Model Aganey

January 11, 2014 - Finn's First Photoshoot
My good friend Sorcha Barry and her lovely partner Noel Murphy became proud parents for the first time on January 4th to little Finn. I was delighted and honoured to be invited to photograph Finn in his first week of life, and spent a wonderful few hours at home with with Sorcha, Noel and Finn, and Sorcha's parents Gordon and Lizanne capturing some great images of the little man. Despite some unexpected toilet events that took us by surprise (particularly Noel!) Finn was very relaxed and even fell asleep in his Daddys arms - great pose! Thanks for a great afternoon guys!

Finn 1919

October 10, 2013 - Colm and Karola's Wedding
My nephew Colm married his lovely fiance Karola in Kilshane House, near Tipperary Town today. I was not the official photographer (a job well done by Amy French of Rubistyle) but took a number of candid shots all the same. In fact, not being the official photographer gives me great freedom to search out interesting detail and unusual shots I wouldn't have time to find given the time pressures of getting all the mandatory group photographs required on the day. It was a beautiful ceremony in lovely surroundings, and great weather too!


October 7, 2013 - Louise's Debs
Had the good fortune to photograph my lovely niece Louise yesterday before she attended her debs night. She looked fabulous and was a delight to shoot. However conditions were tricky. Didn't help that my Canon 7D was acting up since I used some extension rings for some macro work last week. Sorted itself after a while. Very low and bright sun made for a difficult setup. Had to get out of dappled sun as it gave a strange light. So tried full shade which worked quite well, but failed to notice shutter speed going down well under 200/sec - not good when handholding a not-stabilized Canon 70-200mm 2.8. So ruined a few with camera shake. Tried some against the sun with backlight and flash fill which also worked well, but should have boosted the flash more to compensate for very bright backlighting - blew out some highlights. Got some nice shots though - always helps when you are shooting beautiful people!

Louise 1